2014 Resolutions In Motion

Hey you – happy new year!

Pavlov’s Dogs is shaking things up a bit after a solid 2013 of performing at the Dallas Comedy House weekly and entertaining at corporate events all year round. We wanted to specifically do 2 things this year:

1.) Update our website

Not just a fresh coat of paint, but joining the modern digital world where ease of information is a must. Our new site will be a single depository for upcoming show information at various venues around town, and a way for you to keep up with us more easily.

2.) Create a new show

We’ve been improvising together for a good long while now, and we didn’t want to get too comfortable in our britches. So instead of performing a typical mix’em-up show every week, we are now going to be putting up a show at the end of each month. And it is cleverly titled… The End of the Month Show. I know, cryptic.

The entire show is completely improvised based on suggestions from what happened that month. Headlines, our life events, your life events – it’s going to be inventive and great.

That’s what we got right now. More news about our shows at the Addison Improv Wednesday nights and our new show at the DCH will absolutely be hitting the digital airwaves in the weeks to come. Hey, it’s going to be a great year.

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