P-Dogs End of the Month Show is hit!


Thank you DFW!!!

We have been performing our End of the Month (EOM) show @ Dallas Comedy House to sold out audiences since our opening night in February.  This is very exciting for us and we hope you guys can help us spread the word.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, then…

Ever wonder what might have happened before, during, and / or after some of the news headlines you see or read about?

Ever wonder how murders are solved?

Ever wonder how news anchors and detectives interact with each other at a local watering hole after a long day of delivering the news / solving murders… and what they talk about to each other, like recent, specific happenings from their personal lives, which are based on audience suggestions written on a piece of paper that is pulled from a giant bucket at random moments before they are read on stage???

Well, you are in luck, cause that is precisely what we show you during our EOM show!

Whether it is our Action 8 news team, anchors, and on the street reporters improvising our take on the month’s news, or the comedy-noir murder investigation where straight arrow good cop “Detective Barry” tries to keep uncontrollable wildcard bad cop, “Detective The Cobra” from derailing the investigation, or lastly, the aftermath of a long day of fighting crime and reporting on the news, where all the newly created characters unwind at a local watering hole as they discuss their day and recent happenings in their personal lives… you are sure to have a good time during our hour long improvised EOM show.

Thanks to all those who have helped make this a success, and to those of you that haven’t made it out, we look forward to having some fun with you at our next EOM shows, July  25th and 26th @ 9pm @ Dallas Comedy House.

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